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Pihlaja View 0.9.1 beta Trial Version for Mac OS X 10.5 INTEL ONLY!
Later OS X versions work, but the fonts look a bit strange. I'm not going to update this version ever.
Email me, if you want an EDL editor for the command line.

The 0.9.1 beta is a bit different than the old version (0.9 beta) which is shown in the videos and screenshots. The DPX side is the same, but the EDL Tool is now organized in a split-screen fashion - where you have your tools and procedures on the left and your EDL viewer window on the right. So now you can actually see the EDL you're working on at the same time as you make decisions on what to do with it.
Another addition is the ability to affect the number of characters on a videotape.
A lot of bugs in the EDL tool got fixed as well.


Limitations in the Trial Version

• There is a white "Trial Version" text displayed over the Viewer window and exported Quicktime files.

• Exported or copied image sequence filenames have the word trial added to them.

• Generated EDL's every other line reads "trial".

Other than those annoying words all over, the Trial Version is fully functional.



The download is 15.1 MB Disk Image (.dmg) file.

1. Inside the DMG you'll first have to install the Pihlaja View Libraries, which are support libraries needed by Pihlaja View. They will be installed into a folder called /opt.

2. After installing the libraries, you should drag the Pihlaja View app to the Applications folder. Then you're all set to try if it works for you.

Notice: If the Trial Version doesn't work/run on your machine (must be Mac OS X 10.5 Intel), then the fully functional version also will not work. Please try the Trial Version before you buy Pihlaja View, thank you.



For any queries about the software, you can write email to

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