Pihlaja View Features

Pihlaja View is a DPX image sequence viewer and EDL editor built into one small program.


DPX Viewer features

The DPX Viewer is a fast, timecode aware, image sequence viewer intented for viewing DPX-files, such as datascanned film footage or renders. Other formats are supported too. The optional Dual-view mode allows for visual split-screen comparison of two image sequences in sync.

• Fast loading of DPX files (Speed depends on your hardware)
• Supports 8-bit and 10-bit RGB DPX-files (other bit depths and colour formats are not supported)
• Also supports PNG, TIFF, SGI, JPEG and some other image formats, but a bit more slowly

• Shows timecode (converted from the filename). Timecode-aware File Chooser.

• Timecode formats include 24, 25, 30 drop frame, 30, 48, 50 and 60 frames per second
• Fast zooming and panning with the mouse and mousewheel
• Up to 2k resolution files are fast. Files bigger than that will be shown, but more slowly

• Dual-view - Play two image sequences in sync, so that it is easy to make visual comparisons
• Limited support for playing back Quicktime files (Pro-res codec is not supported) with sound
• Limited Quicktime export with burn in timecode (DV-PAL, DV-NTSC, Uncompressed 8-bit). Might be useful for offline editing. The exported files are not suitable (quality wise) for online work.

• Image sequence copier/renamer. Copy a mark-in mark-out range of an image sequence (in any format) to some other folder. You can also perform a rename while copying.


EDL editor features

The EDL editor is quite barebones, but it gets the job done in most simple EDL-editing cases. It is not a text editor kind of editor for EDL-files, but more of a tool, where you choose a list of actions to be performed on a CMX3600 EDL-file, then the resulting EDL is written to disk.

The intented use case is to prepare an EDL-file coming from the editor, so that it can be datascanned for example using a DaVinci 2k and Spirit 2k combination. The resulting EDLs are (usually) compatible with the DaVinci 2k, and usually result in just a few re-scans by hand. Other use cases are of course possible as well.

• Supports only CMX3600 EDL files

• A quick preset for preparing EDL:s for data scanning (e.g. with a DaVinci 2k + Spirit 2k combination)
• Combine multiple EDL-files into one
• Supports framerates 24, 25, 30 drop-frame, 30, 48, 50, 60. Also converts framerates. E.g. 24 to 25 fps conversion.

• Sorting by Videotape, Source TC or Master TC
• Remove events by tracktype (e.g to remove audio events)
• Remove events by videotape
• Add handles
• Combine overlapping events
• Combine events that are closer than given frames
• Move/offset SOURCE TC or MASTER TC
• Change dissolve-events to colour-events
• Rename videotape
• Reverse reverse events (pictures which run backwards can be fixed to run forwards for datascanning)
• Remove notes and comments
• Create a datascan sheet (with estimations of total duration of EDL and usage of harddisk space)

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